Free stock photo of elephant miniature

Thailand’s Elephant miniature. It’s unbelievable that these elephant figurines have such prominent spot in some cultures that they are kept in places of worship or decorated at homes during celebrations and festivals. You will that every person owning them. There is a myth that they should be bought in pairs. Hence people buy them adorn their homes. Tourists also are fascinated by these fantastical beasts which have a long and interesting story about them as you discover from the artisans, the importance of having elephant figures at home and otherwise. It has long since been the symbol of wisdom and knowledge as per Hinduism and it also has significance in Feng shui.


The trunk raised will symbolize good luck, and many homes and offices sport them. It shows being triumphant and predicts a sign of victory. This majestic creature encompasses so many features such as kindness, strength, and power. This is bringing in the qualities of the creature to your surrounding and allowing the benefits of having this figurine at your place and get you through thick and thin. They are to provide you stability in your personal and professional life. The reason people now believe that good things come out having them is through the vibes that they bring on when they are placed in strategic positions either in your dwelling or place of work.
It has to be noted that the figurines not increase the beauty of the décor you have designed but bring in the needed positive energy.